Fiddle with Doodle online!

If you have an iPhone I am betting that the first thing you have done when you acquired it was to get some games and apps for it. As such, if addicting games is what you are looking for, then you might want to take a look at Doodle Jump online. This is a game that has a funny name, that I admit, but when it comes to what it has to offer, you will certainly be amazed of it.

I bet that if you would ask your friends, they would have certainly heard about this wonderful game and they have already played it, too. So, when you will play it, you will practically gain control of a figure that moves up whenever it falls off platforms.

In order to gain control of the creature, you will need to have your device tilted. As such, if you will fall on the bottom of the screen, then that will be game over for you mister. End of story. Also, if you will be sucked into a black hole or if you will be hit by a big monster, you will die as well.

There are also powerups that you will be able to make use of and that is why you will have to be careful when they appear to just go and get them. For example, if you will get the springs, for the next four or five jumps you will be able to jump higher than you normally jump. The other powerups you will stumble upon number the shield, the jetpack & the hat.

Also, you need to keep in mind that this game is quite addicting and once you will star playing it, you will never want to stop it. It just has something that will make you come back for more, again and again. Also, it gets addicting because there is always something different that you will experience with the game. More to that, due to the fact that the platforms will always change, it makes everything look like it’s new and the monsters will of course, get stronger as you advance in the game! The monsters will also get to be stronger as you will advance so it will be a greater challenge for you!

Doodle Jump is available on the iPad, iPhone, Palm, Computer and also Android. There is also a Christmas version of it now! Isn’t it wonderful?